"Those are the many of the acronyms that stands for SKK - SKK Mobile provides the mass with many budget-friendly gadgets from smart phones to barphones in which we excel by giving affordable gadgets with specs on par with other mid-to-high end mobile providers


Today, the market for Mobile Phones and Accessories are very competitive. We expect to take full advantage of the trends and go through the market with the newest innovation of gadgets. Our mission is to provide latest technology and focus on different groups, teenagers, students, general public and professionals. As for our services, we guarantee a consistent, reliable, easy and friendly solution – oriented customer


To be the Prime trader of latest Technology and newest Designs of mobile Accessories on the Market. To have enough market place and to gain prime location for our Products and Services. To be connected with our Clients in terms of quality assurance and services. To handle business with integrity and excellence.

One of the biggest SMARTPHONES, TABLETS and Basic phones in the Philippines. Providing the large mass of very affordable and high-end to basic smartphones and phones.

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